Woosung Precision

  • Global Small-but-Strong SME certificate

  • Technology Innovative SME (Innobiz) Certificate Degrees of Freedom

  • Venture Enterprise Certificate

  • Root Technology Specializing Enterprise Certificate

  • Corporate R&D Center Certificate

  • Registered Trademark -Mechanical Mower, etc.

  • Registered Trademark -Excavator, etc

  • Registered Trademark -Duranite in China

  • ISO 9001 Certificate for Quality Management System

  • ISO 14001 Certificate for Environmental Management System

  • Rotary Mower Mounted in Excavator

  • Assistant Robot with Gravity Compensation and Multiple Degrees of Freedom

  • Wearable Body Weight Support System

  • Control System for Agricultural Machine

  • Control System for Agricultural Machine

  • Control System for Agricultural Machine

  • Tractor Three-Point Hitch Arm Type Cultivator

  • Hydraulic Cylinder with Differential Device Integrated Stroke Sensor

  • Operation Interface for Hydraulic Backhoe with Cylindrical Coordinate Control

  • Differential Device

  • Steering Apparatus for Tractor

Woosung Metec

  • Corporate R&D CenteCertificate

  • SQ Certificate

  • Quality Management System Certificate

  • Venture Enterprise Certificate

  • Innobiz Certificate

  • Certificate Of Root Industry

  • Certificate Of Utility Model Registration

  • Patent-Sleeve Manufacturing Method

  • Patent-Differential Device