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We will develop into a world-class agricultural machinery and auto parts
company by increasing corporate value through new knowledge management.



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Established as a manufacturer of rotary blades for cultivators in 1980, Woosung Precision was the first to localize clipping blades and rotary blades for combines in Korea. exporting our products to Japan, Europe, and the U.S. to grow into Korea’s largest manufacturer of blades for agricultural machinery. Now, we have established a batch line system, occupying most of the domestic market with better quality, price, and timely supply.

With a production capacity of 1,200 tons/month in 1998, sales have increased by around 15% annually, and the systematic quality system that received ISO 9000/14000 and QS9000 certification as well as SQ in the automotive industry is recognized as the best company with the best quality. Under the management policy of “increasing corporate value through new knowledge management” with innovation and perseverance, 20 billion won in sales is not far. In addition, we will actively perform R&D through industry-academic cooperation centering at our R&D Center and contribute to the development of the machinery industry. With the aim of the best technology and the best quality, we promise to develop into a world-class agricultural machinery and auto parts company, domestically and globally, with the spirit of all our employees in every single product. Please keep an eye on us. Thank you.

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